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Terms and copyright

The images on this website are offered for free use privately and commercially on both websites and print on these conditions:

  1. You must show the copyright notice "Copyright Ebbe Munk, www.doorphoto.com"
  2. The file names must not be changed
  3. You are not allowed to store the images on other websites. You are welcome to link to this website.
  4. You are not allowed to offer the images for sale in a form where the image is the main item, e.g. as a poster or a calendar
  5. You may modify an image and use it, but you cannot claim copyright to the modified image
  6. This website intends not to distribute images with recognizable trademarks. However, if an image happens to contain names, trademarks, logos, uniforms, registered designs, or copyrighted designs, then you must by yourself satisfy that you have all necessary rights before you use it commercially.



Technical details, images

The images were captured in raw format. They have been edited in TIFF format in Adobe Photoshop and finally converted to JPG.

To protect privacy problems names from letter flaps, etc are touched up. If you should feel that any photo on the website is an invasion of your privacy, then please write to me, and I will see to it.

The average size of the image files for download is 14,8 megapixels and 2.1 megabytes.

Some 80 percent of the images are in vertical shape, 12 percent are in horizontal shape, and 8 percent are square. The relationship between the sides of vertical and horizontal shapes are always 2:3.

Please note that files in JPG format loses information during the process of continued saving and compression.


Technical details, website

The images are registered in an Excel spreadsheet and processed with two Visual Basic macros. I offer the macros for free download here: www.ebbemunk.dk/downloads/download_generator.html.